Automobile business


One of Japan’s key industries, automobile industry, we support.

MineDC, which has been in operation since June 2013, acts as a depot warehouse for auto parts manufactures, collecting imported auto parts from abroad, and fully supports the production and sales activities of shippers with the function of logistics center and warehouse.


Transit warehouse for automobile parts

Hiroshima DC is located in the eastern of Hiroshima Prefecture, where auto related industries are concentrated.
As a depot warehouse for an auto parts manufacturer, delivery in time for you needs, loading and take charge of all kinds of auto parts storage business.


Automobile industry warehouse for Kyushu area

The car is an indispensable item in modern society, used every day, which is said to be assembled from 30,000 parts.
Kanda DC can handle everything from procure auto parts, assembly and processing, inspection, classification, inventory storage to JIT delivery.